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The Beautiful Art Books of Louis K. Meisel

Photorealism Abrams 1980

1200 illustrations, most in color documenting the complete works of the leading artists through 1980.
Complete biographies and bibliographies.

Photorealism Since 1980, Abrams 1992

900 more illustrations of all the works by the leading painters of Photorealism

Photorealism at the Millenium, Abrams 2002

600 more illustrations completing the first 35 years, the 20th century of Photorealism

Photorealismin the Digital Age, Abrams October 2013

The 4th volume documenting over 95% of all Photorealist paintings from 1965 to 2012. About 4000 works in total. This book contains 850 works in color on 320 pages very large format

Richard Estes: The Complete Paintings 1966-1985

The complete documentation of ALL works created by this major American artist and full bibliograpy and biography

Charles Bell: The Complete Works 1970-1990

Over 160 color plates showing ALL but the last 16 works created by this master of the modern still life. The remaining 16 works are included in Photorealism at the Millenium

The Great American Pin-up

The complete history of the Pin-up genre, with 900 colorplates of pin-ups by 77 artists, such as Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, George Petty and Earl Moran

Gil Elvgren and ALL his Glamorous American Pin-ups

Over 500 color Plates of art by the Most important and very best Pin-up painter who ever lived

Clarice Cliff: The Bizarre Affair

A gigantic, oversized book blazing with an enormous number of colorful illustrations AND documentation of sizes, shapes, colors, and signatures. Include anything you might want to know about this important figure in the deco movement.